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Cerberus & The Wicked Black Hatter Carriage 

Project Name

This is the media that I started with. Because I was designing on the fly not all of it made it into the project. I also added props along the way. What can I say, that's just how us designers roll.


Project Name

The doors, (not operational) were made from popsicle sticks and dowels. The handles are a piece of wire. The faux hinges are pieces from an actual hinge. The curtains were made from black guaze.The lanterns were made using a battery operated tealight candle and a bottle decanter that once held a message.


Project Name

The carriage seat is a little rough, but I was designing on the fly, and had no idea what I was doing. The next one will be better. It is made using a foam sheet, carboard roll, wire, and popsicle sticks. 

The wheels are made from kitchen sink strainers, foam balls, and foam window caulking.


Project Name

Other than adding gauze around the brim of the driver's hat, he came as is. Oh, but I did have to break his pointer fingers and reattach them so that he could hold onto the reins. 


Project Name

As a multidisciplinary artist and explorer of the arts, I find inspiration in the oddest of places. Besides the pumpkin and the hat, I made everything else using recycled materials. 


Project Name

The trunk, (operational) was made from thin pieces of wood. However, the hinges on the top are faux. The actually working hinge is a piece of foam sheet that is attached to the underside of the lid and the back panel. The handle is a dowel with beads at the end. The lock is functional.


Project Name

Cerberus came as is, but I made the harness using dowels, beads, a foam sheet, and thin leather straps.

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