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Writing Prompts

They say a picture is worth a thousand words
We say it's inspiration to write a million more!

Writing Prompts

Finding Inspiration in the Unlikeliest of Places

People often ask me where the inspiration to create originates. The answer is as open-ended as the question and more complex and long-winded than most people want to spend time talking about. So, I shortened my response to, everything does!

S.D. Ferrell


Photo inspiration provided by Barbara Elsborg -  January 6, 2022

Writing Prompt Jan 6, 2022

 The forest holds secrets only writers can see. To the naked eye, this lush green canopy shelters the traveler from the day's heat as they walk along the path.


But, in your imagination what lies beyond the bend?


Will you traverse back in time to find a castle under siege?


Does it lead to the entrance of a dragon or ogres' lair?


Will pixies, hidden in the canopy, shoot arrows at wayward



Will you stay in the present and find a couple entwined in a passionate embrace after exploring the forest? 

Writing Prompt Jan 6, 2022

I think no matter where you live in the world, a meadow is home to a variety of insects, rodents and reptiles.

But in your imagination what lurks among the tall grasses in this meadow that's located in Kent, England?

Are they friend, are they foe or is your character their next meal?

Writing Prompt Jan 6, 2022

I always feel at home in the woods, but for some it is a frightening place that is full of dangers and evil creatures; imaginary or real.

What creatures do you imagine live among these trees? Werewolves, fairies or perhaps a smelly big-footed troll.


Perhaps, it's the next crime scene in your murder mystery? I wonder what forensic evidence investigators would find here?


Or, is simply a gathering place for a coven of witches to brew love potions for their next night out on the town? I wonder what pub they would visit in Kent?

Chateau Montebello photo provided by Cree Storm Quebec, Canada

A cabin in the woods can be a place of refuge, mystery or horror. 

What will your character find in Chateau Montebello, the world's largest log cabin?  

Parc Omega, Quebec, Canada photo provided by Cree Strom

This safari park is located in Quebec Canada. It is 12 kilometres of lakes, valleys, forests and rocky hills, and is home to an abundance of wildlife.

In your imagination, what creatures would your characters find once they entered the park?


Horse ranch Quebec, Canada, photo provided by Cree Strom.jpg

A horse ranch is a likely location for a tale about cowboys. 

But, we are creative thinkers. What would your character/s be doing on ranch?

Photo Inspiration provided by Cree Storm - January 24, 2022

Red Runner

Red Runner


"Jordan didn't realize how much energy it took." 

Kitten Surprise

Kitten Surprise


Was it just a Random Act of Kindness, or could she have a secret admirer? 

Floral Expression

Floral Expression


Valentine's Day is just around the corner; write a Haiku about flowers.

Photo inspiration and prompts provided by Grace Augustine - February 3, 2022

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