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"A community of

like-minded thinkers flourish when we work together towards a common goal."


S.D. Ferrell

TWP Author Event 2022 

Barbara Elsborg

Barbara Elsborg

A Seller of Cyanide & Romance


Our first interview of 2022 finds us in Kent, England, getting up close and personal with Barbara Elsborg, a multi-genre romance author.

Discover why Barbara writes, what inspires her, and whether she has picked up any peculiarities from being a writer.  

January 3, 2022
January 23, 2022

Cree Storm
The Heart & Soul of a Writer

This week we visit Cree Storm, an M/M Paranormal Romance Author from Quebec, Canada.

Find out what inspires Cree to create fantastical, shapeshifting characters and the location they fall in love.  

Grace Augustine.jpg

Grace Augustine
A Storyteller at Heart

Grace is a Nationally known multi-genre author and editor. She resides in Iowa, United States, and has created stories since she was eight years old. As a self-professed "Jill of most trades," Grace's artistic talents expand beyond writing. This week's interview finds out what makes Grace tick and inspires her to put pen to paper. 


January 29, 2022

Richard H. Stephens

A Tale of Dragons & Epic Adventures

Richard is an Epic Fantasy author from Ontario Canada. He began writing circa 1974; a bored child looking for something to do. ​A trip to a local bookstore saw the proprietor introduce him to Terry Brooks and Stephen R. Donaldson, and his writing life was forever changed. 

Visit my interview with Richard, (a fellow Ontarian,) and find out how he processes creativity.

Richard H. Stephens  (Canada).jpg
Claire Davon. Contemporary & Paranormal Romance Author

Claire Devon

A Spinner of Tales

To get away from the winter blues in Ontario, I thought I would visit Claire, a Contemporary and Paranormal Romance author from sunny California.


I know the visit is only online, but it was lovely all the same. Please follow the button links to learn more about Claire and her writing journey.

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