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Demise of the Hump Day Camel

While surfing the net today, I came across some information that just boggled my mind. I’m not sure that I am any wiser for knowing it, but I did find it quite disturbing, so I thought I would share it with you.


Did you know that a pig’s orgasm last thirty minutes. Yep, you read right, thirty minutes – Mind boggling right. But it’s not the fact that it happens that boggles my mind; it’s how did anyone come to possess this knowledge? So it got me to wondering, and when I wonder, I usually end up with more questions; for example:

1. What kind of university or college degree would cover this subject?

2. Is it a course you take in school or is it a prerequisite?

3. Did the students initiate it themselves or were they merely studying the pig when they discovered it?


4.Would getting your pig to orgasm, automatically warrant a passing grad?

Good questions all. But, because I couldn’t find the answers, I let my mind wander. Bear with me, because this is where it get’s disturbing. Could you imagine if a man’s orgasm lasted thirty minutes? I think life as we know it would come to a standstill. I’m being serious. After my EX had an orgasm that lasted all of about two minutes, he slept for three hours. Can you imagine if his orgasm lasted thirty minutes; the whole day would be a write off. But that’s not all folks; life as we know it would change. There would no longer be:

1. Just a quickie.

2. Good Morning Nookie, before work.

3. Lunch Dates (Wink, wink)

4. Making love in the shower, (Can you imagine, your water bill would be atrocious.)


4. Dad and I are just going to “talk” for a minute, we’ll be right down.

It would be more like, Dad and I are just going to “talk” for a minute, I’ll be right down, and he’ll be down tomorrow. And I hate to say it, but it would change Hump Day too. It would be known as Humzzz Day. Humzzz sounds cool when you say it on its own, but not so much when you add Day to it. Try it. It just doesn’t sound the same. It sounds like you have a speech impediment or something.

And then you know what? That poor talking camel, you know the one from the GEICO commercial, it would loose its job, because they would have to replace it with a pig. Can you imagine if a pig walked around an office asking the employees, “suggestively,” if they know what day it is? A pig being happy on Hump Day is just wrong on so many levels. All I have to say is THANK GOODNESS a man’s orgasm doesn’t last for thirty minutes, because I love that talking camel commercial.

Just me SD

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