Hello & Welcome,

                             I have been exploring the arts for over forty years.                                       I've dabbled with several art forms and worked with                                   various materials such as; acrylic paint, fabric, silk            flowers, recycled materials, foam balls and socks. I am also a creative writer and kitchen designer. 


Because I can't settle down with just one art form, I call myself a multidisciplinary artist. But in reality, I am a designer at heart. I love every aspect of designing, from the inspiration to the achievement and every step in between. Yes, even when I fail and have to start again. Which, thankfully, is not as often as when I first started. 


And it doesn't seem to matter what the medium is or what I am designing for that matter: kitchens, floral arrangements, stuffed animals, mixed media characters and even creative writing. As long as I'm using my imagination, I'm at peace and happy.


I hope you enjoy viewing my art portfolio. I would be forever grateful if you shared my work with your friends. Please take a moment to visit the rest of my website and check out the articles in my blog, Just North of Sixty.

Enjoy the day, 




I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.